Delete only one entry from Internet Explorer Address Bar (history)

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19 Dec 2008 by Sonvir Singh Attri

The address bar in Internet Explorer (or any web browser) allows you to type in known web sites and visit them quickly. Sometimes you might want to clean out individual entries from the address bar or history, but this isn’t possible in Internet Explorer unless you edit the registry. Watch the video below to learn how to perform this delicate Windows tweak. The video has a surprise ending to make this process a whole lot easier!

Here are the registry steps for Internet Explorer to delete an individual entry from the address bar:

  1. Close any open windows or programs
  2. Click Start
  3. Click Run
  4. Type: regedit
  5. WARNING: Registry editing is for experienced computer users only. Mistakes made in the registry can render your computer and Windows useless. Proceed at your own risk.
  6. Click the “+” sign next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER
  7. Click the “+” sign next to Software
  8. Click the “+” sign next to Microsoft
  9. Click the “+” sign next to Internet Explorer
  10. Click TypedURLs
  11. Delete all the URLx (e.g. URL1, URL2 and so on) that you do NOT want to see in the address bar
  12. Close the registry editor.

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